More than a promise: a reality

The higher it is, the more snow it has: Val Thorens can guarantee snow from November to May!

Confident in the quality of its snow cover, Val Thorens offers the possibility to book your winter sports holiday without worrying about the lack of snow, with the introduction of its unique "Snow Guarantee".

Thanks to its remarkable location, Val Thorens, the highest resort in Europe, has a ski area of which 99% is situated above an altitude of 2000 metres.

This ski area is equipped with modern infrastructures providing artificial snow-making facilities over nearly 40% of its surface...


Val Thorens and 3 Vallées guarantee you the largest area of open linked pistes in Europe all season.

Applicable conditions:

If a ski area offers a larger number of open linked pistes, SETAM and STOR undertake to refund any unused day during the validity of your ski package. This guarantee is applicable every day of the opening season of the ski area (from 10/12/22 to 27/04/23 for 3 Vallées ski passes, from 25/11/22 to 09/12/22 and 28/04/23 to 08/05/23 for packages Val Thorens-Orelle).

This guarantee applies to packages of 6 day stays and over (excluding season packages, 3 Vallées Liberté, pedestrians) purchased on the internet or in the form of an all-inclusive package purchased at the booking centre of your resort or your host, or with a tour operator offering this offer in its brochure or on its website.

During the 3 Vallées opening dates, only the 3 Vallées package holders benefit from this offer. At the beginning and end of the season, outside of the opening period of 3 Vallées, the offer will be valid on the Val Thorens-Orelle package.

If a European ski area offers a larger number of open linked pistes, SETAM and STOR undertake to refund you in the form of a credit note for any unused day during the validity of your ski package. The refund can only be made for the unused day(s) during which another European ski area can assert a number of open linked pistes superior to the ski area of the 3 Vallées or Val Thorens-Orelle at the beginning and end of the season.

Proof of a better opening elsewhere must also be verifiable and produced by the customer.

Only pistes closed due to a lack of snow will be recognised: closures due to bad weather, technical failures, or for security reasons (triggering of avalanches, glacier crevasses, etc.) cannot be invoked in the implementation of the guarantee. A piste is considered linked when it communicates directly or via a ski lift with another piste, forming a connected whole.

A used day is considered as any day with at least one use of a ski lift. This information is checked in your package.

How to benefit from the guarantee:

Please return your package, the proof of purchase and proof proving a better opening elsewhere within two months following the end of your stay, to the counters of SETAM or STOR, or by mail to SETAM – ticket service – F-73440 VAL THORENS, or STOR – Gare de la Télécabine – F-73140 ORELLE - who will refund the unused days. The refund will be in the form of a credit note, with a pro rata value corresponding to the unused days, within four months of receiving the documents. The credit note can be used for the current or following season.

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