The Koh-I Nor is a 105,6 carat diamond on the crown of the British royal family. In Persian Koh-I Nor means « Mountain of light », present in the architecture with a harmony between luxury, gastronomy and relaxation.

Situated on the top of the highest ski station of Europe, the hotel Koh-I Nor benefits from an exceptional setting with an amazing view.

The 63 rooms and suites of the hotel offer an unforgettable view over the mountains and the village.

Discover also the 3 restaurants, the panoramic terrace, the lounge bar, the spa of 800m² with 2 swimming pools, the business centre... An exceptional setting, top-quality service and a caring and professional staff for an unforgettable stay.

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Rue du Gébroulaz, sommet station
Telephone : +33 4 79 31 00 00
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