Entirely renovated in 2012, the hotel proposes a sportive and chic vision of hotels in the mountains. The furniture and decoration, mixing vintage and contemporary objects, compose a modern and intimate universe, a mountain atmosphere through space, style, materials and experience. Forward-thinking and convivial, the hotel invites to move freely like in a mountain village with a beautiful atrium, a restaurant, an outdoor terrace and a bar. The spa and swimming pool of the hotel, with a panoramic view on the slopes, complete this feeling of liberty. For a unique experience.


Art in the hotel


The hotel proposes numerous contemporary works of art presented in the entire establishment. They offer a different view on the mountains and give a unique character to the establishment. Paintings, photographs, videos, sculptures... in various and sometimes unexpected forms, the chosen works of art invite the mountains inside the hotel and extends its fascinating universe. Mobile of Richman in the atrium, a sculpture of Rousseau in the entrance, a film of Gigougnou at the bar, photographies of Polke, Vitalli or Wagner... well-known artists and local artists, for a contemporary point of view on the mountains, always different and surprising.