Le ZINC is
Like the bar we remember from our childhood where people drink, play, dance and simply live their lives. In the evening, people get tipsy over some good wine or old rum, enjoying some rare products together!

The concerts, DJ turntables, Rock, Pop and Jazz bands will make the mountain pulsate under our feet and in our heads!

This is where locals & holidaymakers go to tell their stories, perched at the counter or comfortably seated on well-worn sofas, all wanting to share the life of Val Tho!


Open from 6pm to 1am.

Grands Crus wines, Live Music and Tapas.
Ephemeral menu that changes every 15 days.
We recommend you make a reservation


- On Thursday evenings it's "LE ZINC SHOW CASE" with a live band
- On Saturday evenings it's "DJ & MORE "


The SEVEN PARTY: After last year's sensational concerts at F7,  with Joey Starr, Cali, C2C, Pierpoljak, Neg’Marrons, the hotel has made the Seven Party an official event. 

Once a month, a famous star is invited to play in the hotel bar, with a private showcase atmosphere assured.

Hôtel Fahrenheit Seven - Place de la Lombarde
Telephone : +33 4 79 00 04 04
Fax : +33 4 79 00 05 93
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