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YukiYama by Jackie Val Thorens

Asian Fusion Restaurant


YukiYama is a brand new restaurant concept located in JACKIE. JACKIE opened her doors in December 2018 as a bar/nightclub with her own unique style and sophisticated atmosphere. To create an "All Night Experience" we have developed YukiYama, an Asian fusion kitchen concept. YukiYama serves delicious fresh sushi, bites, soups, a variety of healthy fish, meat, vegetarian dishes and Japanese beers, wines and shake.


Apéro (5pm - 7pm)

YukiYama opens her doors at 5pm and starts with apéro. You can have a Japanese beer or cocktail together with some tasty Asian bites and sushi. The DJ will begin the evening with some funky house tunes to get you into the party mood.


Restaurant (6pm - 10pm)

Our larger restaurant menu gives you the best selection of Japanese dishes. Our top chefs only work with the freshest fish, meat and vegetables to offer you an Asian Fusion experience you have never tasted before. Let them surprise you!


Diner Dansant (8pm - 11pm)

"Diner Dansant" literally means "dancing during dinner". This old fashioned trend makes a huge comeback because drinking and dancing in the same place you just had an amazing meal is perfect! You don't have to leave after dinner, just order another round drinks, hit the dance floor and the DJ will crank up the volume and transform YukiYama into JACKIE, the coolest club in town. This is what we call an "All Night Experience"!.


Take-Away / Delivery (5pm - 10pm)

A night in? No problem, we will bring our restaurant to you! The menu will be available through

MOUNTAIN EATS is an order platform that provides take-away and delivery for restaurants in Val Thorens. orders can also be made in advance.



  • Apéro: 5pm - 7pm (drinks and bites)
  • Dinner: 6pm - 10pm (reservation is recommended)
  • Club: 9pm - 2pm (drinks and dance)
  • Take-away / delivery: 5pm - 10pm
  • Open daily from 5pm - 2pm and Saturdays from 11am - 2pm



YukiYama by JACKIE Val Thorens
Place Péclet, imm Les 3 Vallées
+33 (0)7 71 68 48 31