Inside the Andros Trophy
On Thursday 4th December, Val Thorens wasn’t filled with the sound of silently falling snow, but of roaring motors and squealing tyres. The Andros Trophy drivers arrived and the first trials began.
On your marks, get set, ski... 25/11 - Dress rehearsal!
Thanks to the recent snowfall, the drop in temperature and the work carried out on the slopes by our ski area maintenance teams, we’re thrilled to be able to offer you a nice warm up to the season with the first slopes and ski lifts opening tomorrow, Wednesday 25th November.
Jazz à Vienne and in Val and shared experiences are part of who we are!
It’s a warm, sunny day. Feeling nice and relaxed, you find yourself totally immersed in the rhythms of the group improvising just a few metres away from you. Life is good! Welcome to Vienne!
It swings in Val Tho!
There’s more to the mountaintops than just snowsports! In Val Thorens, after a day spent on the slopes admiring some of the Alps’ most beautiful landscapes, take time out to swing to the rhythm of one of the Kings of American music: Duke Ellington.
Sebastien Loeb sets his sights on the Andros Trophy!
With nine World Rally Champion titles under his belt, Sébastien Loeb took on a new challenge in 2014 : Andros Trophy
Be a shepherd for a morning
The shepherds from Chez Pépé Nicolas invite you to join them as they carry out their daily routine on Wednesday mornings. This is your chance to enjoy total immersion amongst the alpagistes.
Practice evacuation of the Cime Caron cable car
We had all agreed on a time: 4pm at SETAM's (Société des Téléphériques Tarentaise Maurienne: Val Thorens ski lift company) mechanical room. We didn't know much about it all, except that the aim was to watch and take part in a practice evacuation of the Caron cable car.
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