This winter, discover a new fun zone... in space


The fun zones in Val Thorens are the ideal place to ski together as a family. This season they have been redesigned to allow children and beginners to progress their skills in a fun way. Because of its height and closeness to the stars Val Thorens has always been linked with a moon theme, but now beginner skiers can go into space, discovering the cosmos and moon.

This winter you can find Valthy, the Val Thorens mascot, and his friends (Abby the bee, Chamy the chamois and Foxy the fox) on two new slopes and fun zones: the new space slope and the “Expérience spatiale”.

And that’s not all. Your space adventure will continue throughout the resort, with family games on the slopes and in the village.

Put on your space suit and get ready to play all winter.


"La piste de l’espace" VT FUNRIDE

This long fun slope will enchant young and old with its space theme and the presence of Valthy. The goal is to complete Valthy’s mission — to cross space as fast as possible while conquering challenges along the way.

These include slaloming under arches and between the mascots, passing through a snowy tunnel, making music and tackling some moguls.

Once they’ve completed their challenge, children will want only one thing: another go in space.


"L’expérience spatiale" VT FAMILY PARK

This beginner snow park is designed for families and beginners with a host of fun experiences. The goal once again involves Valthy and his friends on a space adventure.

Skiers will enter the slope and start with Abby on a series of rolling jumps, which will make them fly like a bee. Once in the air — and in space — it’s time to slalom between meteorites, stars and planets with Chamy. Lastly, it’s time to land back on earth where Foxy will be there to help with some jumps, ski/space travellers can learn how to land properly.


A new picnic zone

Once all these space adventures are over, astronauts can reward themselves with a well-deserved break in the new chilled picnic zone with lounge chairs, bean bags and tables to eat or sit down for a minute. And of course, there’s a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.


VT Park :высокогорное место встречи и развлечения для всех...


Во время катания на лыжах в области Трех долин (3 Vallées) загляните в сноупарк Валь Торанс. Расположенный на плоскогорье сноупарк предлагает лыжникам и сноубордистам возможности для развития, прогресса и совершенствования на склонах для свободного спуска, адаптированных под любой уровень катания.

В сноупарке, площадь которого 70 000 м², есть столы (трамплины), перила и боксы (элементы для скольжения) различных размеров. Среди менее стандартных модулей можно назвать квотер-хипы или Jump Air (гасящие удары матрасы, которыми обычно пользуются каскадеры), которые позволят вам абсолютно безопасно попробовать более акробатические фигуры! Вы также сможете посмотреть или поучаствовать в многочисленных соревнованиях (по фристайлу), которые проводятся в течение зимнего сезона...

Не говоря уже о различных мероприятиях, которые просто нельзя пропустить: Early Camp, и многое другое!

Не забывайте заглядывать в программу мероприятий Валь Торанс!

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