Holidays in the mountains are an established ritual for you: every year, for the Christmas holidays or the February break, it's the perfect time to recharge your batteries with family and friends. That's great, but have you tried going to the mountains in the spring? I can hear you now: "with the good weather, we prefer to go where it's warm". Here are 6 reasons to change your mind and give skiing a try in April!

Skiing on groomed runs


Ideal skiing conditions

In April, the weather in Val Thorens is often fine and the snow is soft, less frozen and therefore pleasant to ski in. We're at an altitude of 2300m, so there's no need to worry about the quality and quantity of the snow. The resort's teams are working hard to make sure your runs are in tip-top condition, even at the end of the season!

Bonus feature: in April, you still have access to the 3 Vallées ski area, the largest ski area in the world ⛷️

Buoys on the slopes


You don't need to dress like an Inuit

There's no need to pile on layers of clothing - you'll be lighter and more comfortable to move around in! Sometimes you can even ski in shorts and a T-shirt, as long as you're not afraid of tasting the freshness of the snow if you fall.

The sun is stronger and more generous at this time of year than in winter, so make sure you use a high-protection sun cream to avoid sunburn 😉

Sunset 3 Vallées


The days are longer

You have more time to enjoy your day, so you can relax in a deckchair during your lunch break, take your time on the slopes, finish your day's skiing later and even watch the sunset with a good beer on the terrace (it's good for your recuperation).

Not to be missed: Every Wednesday from February until the beginning of May, the Péclet Funitel closes at 6.30pm, so you can extend your skiing day or enjoy an aperitif at the summit! All the info on the Péclet by Night.

Afrojack concert at 360


More outdoor events

In spring, more than ever, activities and events take place outdoors at Val Thorens. Atmospheric bars on the slopes welcome headliners such as the JBL Snowparty; activities in the resort and on the ski area take place long after the slopes have closed, and the weeks are punctuated by entertainment for young and old. Find out what's in store in our events calendar.

First tracks VT


There are fewer people on the slopes and in the resort

This makes it easier to let go, relax and come back from your holiday feeling toned and invigorated. It's also a great time of year for beginners. You'll be able to choose your lines on the slopes and won't have to wait at the lifts.

The same applies to the roads: no more traffic jams in December or February, in April, even during the school holidays, there is much less traffic on the roads.

Very Incredible Package April


There are some great offers

For this 2024 season, don't miss our VERY INCROYABLE PACKAGE

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So, are you convinced? Let's make a bet! If you come to Val Thorens once in the spring, there's no doubt you'll come back again at the same time in subsequent years!

PS: at Val Thorens, we ski from November to May, so if you can't make it in April, we look forward to seeing you at the beginning of May for our closing weekend: The Last Great One.

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04 May 05 May 2024

The Last Great One

  • Val Thorens
One last weekend of festivities before the end of the season? Val Thorens is the place to be! Kick off your skis for the last Grand Final of the winter season in Val Thorens, on 4 and 5 May 2024. Free entertainment on 4 and 5 May On the programme for the weekend: waterslide,...


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