For many years now, Val Thorens has been making every effort to welcome people with disabilities: accommodation, parking, prices, handiskiing, non-ski activities

A wide range of accommodation (hotels, residences, etc.) is available for easy access and comfort, restaurantsAll services (Tourist Office, car parks, etc.) are accessible, or even reserved, for people with reduced mobility and are equipped to accommodate them.

All the resort's car parks have disabled access spaces. For further information, please contact Valthoparc.

Map of lifts accessible to people with reduced mobility


FOR YOUR SAFETY, WE REMIND YOU OF A FEW RULES (Rules taken from the seated skiing regulations drawn up by the French Handisport Federation)

  • All seated skiers must be accompanied by a good, able-bodied skier who can provide assistance if necessary.
  • On arriving at the resort, the ski guide checks with the relevant services to find out whether the slopes and facilities are accessible.
  • On the slopes, the guide assists the seated skier in all circumstances.
  • The guardrail must be lowered when the chairlift is being used.
  • Users of non-approved equipment may be accepted or refused access to the station.
  • Seated skiers are strongly advised to wear a helmet.


To enable everyone to enjoy the unique sensations of skiing, Val Thorens is offering preferential rates of up to minus 50 % on ski passes for disabled people and their carers*.

*On presentation of the disability card (orange card for French people) => discount of 50% on all areas.

For disabled people requiring an accompanying person (visually impaired, wheelchair user, autistic person, etc.), 50% will be issued for the same area and duration as the disabled person. The pass must be taken at the same time as that of the disabled person.

SETAM has also taken special measures to make it easier for disabled people to use the ski lifts: the chairlifts and Funitels have been fitted out, there are special access points (lifts, inclined planes, toilets, etc.) on Cairn and Caron, there is a bag-free room with a wheelchair available, and the gondolas have been specially designed to make it easier to load wheelchairs.

The toilets at the TC Caron/Cairn, TC Moraine and Péclet Funitel departures are also equipped with wheelchairs.

Access to ski lift sales points : Forum J.Fontanet, Cairn and Caron cable cars and Orelle.  

Handiskiing in Val Thorens

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