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The fun areas of Val Thorens are the ideal spots for families to ride together. Redeveloped for winter 2022-2023, these areas will allow children and beginners to progress while having fun! At Val Tho, a lunar land par excellence, budding skiers go into orbit to discover space, the cosmos and the moon.

This winter, join Valthy and his friends (Abby the black bee, Chamy the chamois and Foxy the fox) on two new trails and fun zones: The Space Track and The Space Experience.

And that's not all! You'll be able to discover this theme all over the resort, with a range of games for families: treasure hunts on the ski area and in the resort. Put on your spacesuits and get ready for take-off!

The VT FUNRIDE space track

Completely themed around the theme of space, set off with Valthy, the station's mascot, on this long fun trail that will delight young and old alike. The aim is to embark on a space mission and cross space as quickly as possible, completing all the challenges along the way!

All along the course, children will have to slalom under arches and between mascots, pass through a snow-covered tunnel, create the music for the space, challenge themselves on a mogul field...

Once the mission is complete, all the children want to do is go back into space!

The VT FAMILY PARK space experience

A real beginners' area for families and beginners, this fun track will feature a multitude of modules to guarantee maximum thrills! The mission is simple: Valthy and all his friends will take you off to conquer space.

As soon as they hit the slopes, skiers will have to practise taking to the skies with Abby (the black bee) thanks to a series of whoops, which will get more than a few people off the ground. Once in the air and in space, skiers will have to slalom between meteorites, stars and planets with Chamy (the chamois). Finally, it's time to practise landing, and Foxy (the fox) will be there to help them, thanks to the boxes for finishing the space trip. And that's it, successful conquest of space, back on Earth!

A new picnic area

Once they have completed their space missions, astronauts will be able to enjoy a well-deserved rest in the new picnic relaxation area: an area with around ten deckchairs, footstools and tables for eating or resting for a few moments, with a view of the mountains.

Of course, the space theme will continue to take pride of place in the chalets, which will feature a range of different atmospheres: stars, the moon, the cosmos...

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