Val Thorens, it’s a state of mind. A mindset of attitude and altitude.

It is the resort that combines the best of skiing with the best of atmospheres. Relaxed, lively and gourmet, here evolve according to your desires, at your own pace, multiply the experiences, conviviality is essential. The ultimate goal: to feel alive!

Warm atmospheres, breathtaking nature, without barriers or borders, here come those who want and know that height rhymes with colors and pleasures!

Val Thorens It is…

  • The highest station in Europe. At 2300m altitude, snow is guaranteed!
  • A ski area open from November to May
  • Access to the 3 Valleys, the largest ski area in the world with 600 km of connected ski-to-ski slopes
  • A semi-pedestrian station, for the comfort of all
  • A cosmopolitan and sporty atmosphere
  • A place to be pampered and relax
  • New experiences to try
  • authentic and gourmet cuisine
  • A “LIVE UNITED” spirit and always looking for innovation
  • Trendy après-skis for all desires
  • Extraordinary events throughout the winter season!

Your questions about the station

What is the altitude of Val Thorens ?

The station Val Thorens is located at an altitude of 2300 m, making it the highest station in Europe.

When there is Val Thorens ?

You can come to Val Thorens all year round, but being above all a ski resort, the most favorable time to come to Val Thorens The winter season remains, from mid-November to early May.

Who created Val Thorens ?

An extraordinary bet from a visionary engineer, the station Val Thorens was born from the imagination of Pierre Schnebelen, real estate developer, under the political authority of Joseph Fontanet, Mayor of the Vallée des Belleville and with the help of Bernard Reverdy, Ferdinand Martin and Pierre Josserand.

Others like Pierre Le Blanc de Cernex, Michel Herenger, Francois Buisson, Jacques François, Georges Cumin (and many others) also played a role in the creation of Val Thorens.

The adventure on site therefore begins around a small team, isolated but determined, who will do everything possible to exploit the enormous potential of this exceptional site.

How to dress Val Thorens ?

If you come during the winter season, we advise you to bring warm clothes to come to Val Thorens : ski jacket and pants, snow boots, gloves and hat at a minimum.

Find all our advice on what to pack in your suitcase for a ski vacation in our blog post.

Why Les 3 Vallées?

The 3 Vallées ski area, made up of the ski resorts of Courchevel, Méribel, Brides-les-Bains, Les Menuires, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Val Thorens and Orelle is so called because it extends over 3 distinct valleys: the Courchevel valley, the Allues valley (Méribel) and the Belleville valley (Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Les Menuires and Val Thorens).

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