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Les pistes en détails


2 Lakes

The 4 footpaths of Val Thorens

The Montagnette trail

Facing due south, the path leads from the Balcons district, in the direction of Les Menuires, to La Montagnette (a small stone house). Once there, turn around and enjoy a magnificent panorama of the Péclet massif as you head back towards Val Thorens. If you want to extend the walk, you can go down to the Bruyères district in Les Menuires.

  • Journey time : 2h30 (return journey)
  • Kilometres : 5 km (return)
  • Level of difficulty : Medium
  • Starting point : Les Balcons district

The 2 lakes trail

At the foot of the Castor et Pollux carpets at the piste roundabout, head towards the Chalet du Cosmojet. To the right of the Chalet du Cosmojet, you'll see a signpost and the path quickly rises. A few metres later, the path climbs steadily up a gentle slope to a plateau. The path offers a beautiful view of the resort.

  • Journey time : 1h30 (return journey)
  • Kilometres : 2.1 km (round trip)
  • Level of difficulty : Medium
  • Starting point : Cosmojet chalet

The Marine Trail

This trail can be done entirely on foot from the Chalet du Cosmojet, going up and down, or with less effort using the Cascades chairlift on the way up and the trail on the way down. This magnificent, sunny 5km (round trip) trail offers panoramic views of the resort and its cirque, ringed by peaks topping 3000 metres.

If you're going up on foot, once you're at the foot of the Castor and Pollux carpets head for the Cosmojet Chalet.

If you are taking the chairlift, exit the chairlift on your left. Take the path that curves round to the left. Reach the Chalet de la Marine, then cross the Dalles piste, follow the Tête Ronde lake on the right and walk along the ridge before reaching the Chalet de Thorens. Make a diversion to the unusual Igloo Village. Return gently to the resort via the Flocons piste, then cross the Combe de Thorens to return to the Chalet du Cosmojet.

  • Journey time : 2h30 (return) or 1h descent if you take the Cascades chairlift (signposted descent only)
  • Kilometres : 5 km (return)
  • Level of difficulty : Easy
  • Starting point : Chalet du Cosmojet for a round trip on foot or departure from the Cascades chairlift to do the route downhill only.

The Moutière trail

The trail starts at the Chalet du Cosmojet. Take the 2 Lacs trail to the large plateau. When you reach the plateau, continue to the right and join the hillside reservoirs. Caution: do not cross the barriers or venture onto the lakes. You will come close to the Traversée des 2 Lacs trail, the 2 Lacs restaurant and the chairlift of the same name. The path continues down the Linotte piste to reach the Moutière plateau with the restaurant of the same name and the altisurface. On the right, walk alongside the Moutière reservoir to admire the view over the Vallée des Belleville. For the return journey, take the same route.

  • Journey time : 2h30 (return journey)
  • Kilometres : 6.1 km (round trip)
  • Level of difficulty : Difficult
  • Starting point : Cosmojet chalet

Map of footpaths and snowshoe trails

Pedestrian-accessible ski lifts to admire the panoramic views

At an altitude of 3200 m, la Cime Caron offers one of the most breathtaking panoramas in Europe, with a 360° view of over 1,000 peaks in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps. An orientation table also allows you to spot Mont Blanc, Mont Brequin, the Péclet glacier and its Aiguilles, La Meije and the Aiguilles d'Arves.

  • From the centre of the resort, take the Cairn and Caron cable cars, then the Cime Caron cable car.
  • Allow 2 hours return
  • Prices :
    • Adults: €24.30
    • Children: €19.40

The foot of the Péclet glacier can be reached via the Funitel de Péclet 8 minutes from the resort. Catering available at the "Aiguilles de Péclet".

  • Allow ¾ hour return
  • Prices :
    • Adults: €16.20
    • Children: €12.90

The Plateau de la Moutière, accessible via the Moutière chairlift for uphill travel only.

  • Allow 5 minutes one way
  • Prices :
    • Adults: €10.80
    • Children: €8.60

Le Cascades chairliftaccessible only on the way up and the starting point of the Marine trail

  • Allow: 5 minutes one way
  • Prices :
    • Adults: €10.80
    • Children: €8.60

The Val Thorens - Orelle 1-day pedestrian pass allows you to explore the Maurienne side of the mountain by taking the Cairn / Caron cable carsthe Cime Caron cable car and the Orelle-Caron cable car

  • Prices :
    • Adults: €37
    • Children: €29.60

You can also take a 3 Vallées pedestrian pass.

  • 1-day pedestrian pass: €27
  • 6-day pedestrian pass: €84
  • Season pedestrian pass: €244

You can now buy a pedestrian ski pass from the resort's automatic ski pass machines.

Please note: children under the age of 3 are not allowed to use the ski lifts as pedestrians.

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