The history of the mill

The Burdin mill is a perfectly preserved reminder of farming and pastoral activity in the Vallée des Belleville, where there were as many as 9 grain mills.

Designed to grind the crops of rye, barley or oats grown by the locals, it is a typical mountain water mill, powered by a system of horizontal wheels known as "wing wheels".

Recently restored, free guided tours explain the history of the building.

An exhibition integrated into the site offers a historical and technical approach to mills and traces the different stages from grain to bread.

Twice a week, it welcomes the public for a full presentation of its history, its water-driven mechanism and how it works.

Visit the mill

Free guided tour every Wednesday at 10am and 11am.

Situated close to the village of Saint Marcel, it can be reached by taking a pleasant 30-minute stroll along the river.

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville Tourist Office - 04 79 00 20 00 - [email protected]

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