Group lessons and private lessons

Caroline offers group lessons and private lessons at Val Thorens :

  • Collective session: Chalet Cocoon on Thursday evening from 19 p.m. to 20:30 p.m. 
    • Prices: 18€ or 13€ with the 5 session card, i.e. 65€
  • Private lessons: 1h
    • Price: € 45

Reservation by telephone or email directly with Caroline.
06 74 50 78 66
[email protected]

What is Qigong?

Made of QI, breath, energy and GONG, work, Qi Gong is defined as the work of breathing. It is a powerful transformative tool for personal development that leads us towards full awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

Gentle and invigorating activity which alternates stretching, deep joint release, body undulations, varied movements, postures, walks, self-massage, breathing exercises, intention, visualizations, and meditations: everything in this discipline is intended to better capture the vital energy (Qi) in the air or in food, and to circulate it harmoniously throughout the body, along subtle channels called meridians.

For Chinese medicine, the setting in motion of this energy stimulates the organs and essential functions of the being; by avoiding blockages, “too full or empty”, responsible for illnesses, it guarantees better physical and mental health.

Qigong approaches the body with the greatest respect, and the notions of flexibility and naturalness are at the heart of its practice. It can be practiced regardless of age and physical condition.

In China, where one must above all "take care of one's physical envelope so that the soul wants to inhabit it", the qigong (pronounced “chi kong”) is part of everyday life.

You can also use this practice to continue a therapist's session by accessing real care for your health and well-being.


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