The evolution of skis

The evolution of skis to the present day Before becoming a leisure activity and a competitive sport, skiing was above all a means of transport, particularly in the Nordic countries, Siberia and the mountains of Central Asia. From then on, skiing has continued to evolve: it is no longer a simple board…

Val Thorens

Some Savoyard expressions that make you smile

You have heard some bad news during your stays in Val Thorens, and you are impatiently awaiting the dahu hunting trip that the local local has promised you... To help you find your way, here is a short, non-exhaustive glossary of friendly expressions from the country. La Peuf Yes,…

Val Thorens

Christmas at Val Thorens

 We are convinced that the spirit of Christmas must be placed at the heart of our actions But there you go Time passes and the years go by Your children growing up, gradually forget the magic of December 25 Who is still ready to believe that wonder, magic and joy surround the Christmas spirit One thing…

Val Thorens

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