It's 17 p.m., back at the chalet after a great day carving turns, you decide to end the day in style with a warm fondue. And when we talk about fondue, there’s room for discussion! To be unbeatable and know everything about fondue and its origins, this article is for you!

Regardless of the Savoyard, fondue is indeed a dish that we owe to our Swiss friends (if you are not convinced, look at the definition of Larousse), and more precisely from the canton of Fribourg. At the beginning of the 18th century, farmers in the Friborg Alps reused leftover cheese and stale bread from their previous meals. Economical and very nourishing, the recipe quickly spread to the rest of the country.

The recipe was made official by Brillat-Savarin, a French gastronome (who also gave his name to the famous forming) who wrote in 1794 the first recipe based on egg and butter gruyere. The wine appears in the recipe only in 1911.
The date that marks a turning point in the history of Fondue is 1940 at the Universal Exhibition in New York, Switzerland exhibits its new model of fondue and lets visitors taste the famous fondue. It thus creates its new emblem of Swiss pride throughout the world.

You will have understood that if you want to make an “original” Fondue it is therefore recipe the Fribourgeoise fondue that must be made, composed exclusively of Vacherin and eaten with white bread or potatoes. Practical, this recipe can be made with just a candle under the pot, the cheese does not freeze in the cold, so it is the ideal fondue to eat on the terrace.

The so-called “Savoyard” Fondue is made up of three cheeses, not all Savoyard, but so good! From the county that comes to us from Jura, Swiss Emmental and Beaufort.

Each region offers its own recipe, with cheeses and local specialties, so fondue is also a whole culinary journey, personally my favorite is Fondue Valdôtaine, an Italian, creamy and generous like its cheese: La Fontina.

There are a variety of recipes for cooking in “fondue mode” with fish, vegetables, or even meat, fondue bourguignonne, fondue bressane, fondue Chinoise, fondue Japanese, fondue marinière, fondue oceane, fondue vietnamese, fondue vigneronne, red wine fondue, and even chocolate fondue! Ultimately, fondue is a bit of a state of mind!

So don't hesitate to vary the pleasures and cheeses, go beyond traditions, it's up to you to invent your own fondue recipe!

Finally, if you want to spice up the evening, don't forget dental floss (on sale in all pharmacies), but be careful not to overdo it 😉!

On this good appetite and Arvi pa!


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