the Green Snowflake label

On 30 May 2022, the Vallée des Belleville (which includes Val Thorens) was awarded the Flocon Vert label in recognition of the work it has carried out over many years.

The Green Snowflake is both a label and a progress initiative. Its aim is to initiate and structure the ecological transition of mountain resorts by involving local stakeholders. Finally, it provides the general public with a clear vision of committed tourist destinations.

The label is awarded on the basis of compliance with criteria divided into 4 themes: local economy, social and cultural, governance and destination, environment and natural resources.

More than a label, the Green Snowflake is above all a strong commitment by the municipality to a successful ecological transition. The municipality has adopted a real strategy, as the label is renewed every 3 years.

The areas of work selected by the municipality :

  • Limiting our impact on the climate and adapting to change
  • Preserving our resources
  • Respecting biodiversity and landscapes
  • Improving the quality of life of our year-round residents and maintaining a balanced demography
  • Creating and maintaining jobs and skills

the CSR commitments of the various players in the valley

The Tourist Office is committed to

At the Tourist Office, all our teams are aware that climate change is here to stay, and that our responsibility is to support and encourage changes in habits and environmental initiatives.

  • At our level, we have chosen to considerably reduce all our paper editions.
  • In-house printing is carried out in a rational manner
  • Each office is equipped with two bins to facilitate sorting.
  • The Tourist Office teams are housed on site and walk to work, which reduces the carbon footprint.
  • The offices will soon be fully insulated and renovated to make them much more energy-efficient.
  • The website has been designed to use less energy and offers an eco-mode.
  • Stock management is reviewed annually to avoid surpluses
  • The printers we work with have environmental certifications.
  • We use ecocups and wooden cutlery for our events and activities.

The Val Thorens Tourist Office plays an active role in implementing tourism policies for the development of the resort. The Office works constantly with elected representatives, other resort bodies (SETAM, Valthoparc, the Piste Department, Technical Services) and socio-professionals to develop new projects in line with the Val Thorens Live United brand and today's environmental challenges. 

CSR initiatives provide an opportunity to examine a wide range of issues, such as employee well-being. 

If it's important to know management's vision, it's also vital to know what motivates teams to move forward!  

The fruit of a job well done is inevitably produced by a motivated team! 

The teams represent a network united by a strong collective project. As in any network, certain principles are universal and each employee undertakes to respect the managerial charter of the Tourist Office and Val Thorens Reservation.  

Over the last few years, the Val Thorens Tourist Office has been building up its corporate culture by implementing a number of initiatives: a lounge manager schedule to look after the communal areas, a corporate social network, training, an annual seminar, sports facilities (discounts on season tickets at the Sports Centre), team meals, etc. 

SETAM (the ski lift company) is committed to

SETAM is ISO 50001 certified, and has put in place an internal organisational structure to ensure continuous improvement in environmental performance.

ISO 50001 is designed to help organisations in all sectors. This ISO standard proposes practical ways of reducing energy consumption by implementing an energy management system (EMS).

ISO 50001 actions

  • A ski area designed to avoid duplication of ski lifts
  • Eco-driving training for ski lift operators.
  • Insulation for all buildings in the ski area.
  • Recovery of waste heat from the engines of the Orelle CT plant to heat a building.
  • Programme to install solar heating and photovoltaic panels.
  • Project to install a hydroelectric power station.
  • Geothermal energy project for future new buildings.
  • No more diesel for the entire SETAM fleet, replaced by GTL (Gas To Liquid = Synthetic diesel without fine particles or sulphur dioxide).

SETAM's other commitments

  • SETAM is responsible for the vegetation, turfing and most of the landscaping of the slopes. The Service des Pistes is responsible for snowmaking and slope maintenance.
  • SETAM is committed to improving waste management, saving energy, limiting air and noise pollution and preserving water reserves and the integrity of the landscape.
  • Every year, SETAM organises a runway clean-up and rubbish collection programme.
  • At the beginning of 2024, SETAM launched a carbon audit of the Val Thorens resort in order to obtain reliable and quantified data and draw up an environmental action plan before the end of the year.

The resort is committed

  • Parking is regulated and traffic is restricted in order to reduce pollution and provide additional comfort for customers.
  • Free shuttle buses run around the resort
  • Every year, around 20,000 litres of edible oils are collected from restaurants and recycled into biofuels.
  • The municipality's environmental mascot, a little marmot, reminds us of the eco-citizen gestures we should adopt on a daily basis on posters and billboards dotted around the resort.
  • An information spot on selective sorting is broadcast on local radio to remind holidaymakers to sort their rubbish, even when they're on holiday.

Protecting our beautiful mountains

Our region, which is part of the Vanoise Natural Park, is a natural setting surrounded by high peaks topping out at over 3,000 metres. From eternal snow to alpine meadows, the Val Thorens area boasts a wealth of flora and fauna that is rare in the high mountains and that we must preserve! Our aim is to continue to enjoy the benefits of this natural environment while preserving its resources over the long term. Everyone has a role to play: resort staff and customers! Together we can reduce our impact!

Best practice :

  • Don't swim in high-altitude lakes: moisturisers, sun creams and leftover shower gel are real pollutants for the flora and fauna that live in these fragile environments.
  • If you bivouac or go on a picnic, leave no trace of your passage. Camping must be brief and is permitted from 7pm to 9am. Fires are prohibited, except in the barbecues provided by the commune. Please take your rubbish with you.
  • In summer or winter, stay on the marked tracks or paths to protect the fragile vegetation, avoid disturbing hibernating wildlife in winter and prevent soil erosion.

The Belleville commune, of which Val Thorens is a part, has made a long-term commitment to preserving the quality of the environment, which is one of the major assets of the tourist industry. In Val Thorens, biotope protection orders have been put in place for peat bogs. For more information on wetlands, please consult the Town Hall website.

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