French regulations on drones continue to evolve to ensure security, privacy and the integrity of airspace. If you are considering a drone flight Val Thorens, here is all the information to take into account.

Leisure drone flight

The airspace of Val Thorens being continuously occupied by different entities (Piste Service, security and rescue helicopters), recreational drone flights are prohibited.

Professional drone flight

Everything you need to know

  1. Categorization of drones: drones are classified according to their weight and use. Recreational drones, for example, are generally less regulated than those used for commercial or professional purposes.
  2. Registration and marking: owners of drones of certain categories must register them with the relevant authorities. Drones must be clearly marked with a unique identification number.
  3. Training and certification: Drone pilots must undergo training and certification, especially for heavier or commercial drones.
  4. Flight zones: There are restrictions on areas where drones can fly, particularly near airports, military zones and densely populated urban areas. Some areas may require special permission.
  5. Respect for privacy: the regulations emphasize respect for privacy and prohibit the use of drones for surveillance or photography without consent in private areas.
  6. Liability and insurance: Drone operators can be held liable for damage caused by their device and are often required to carry insurance.
  7. Night use and flight height: there are specific rules for night flying and limits on maximum flight height.

These rules may vary depending on technological developments and security needs. It is always recommended to consult the latest guidance from the French Civil Aviation Agency or other relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information.

For this purpose, we invite you to complete the questionnaire which can be found on the government website, in order to obtain all the information concerning your drone model.

You can also consult the map of flight regulated zones on Geoportail.

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