I don't ski... So what can I do in Val Thorens?

You love the mountains for their invigorating air, breathtaking snow-covered landscapes and warm, friendly atmosphere... But skiing isn't really your thing?
So much the better, because here you can enjoy the mountains even if you don't ski. Whether you're coming with your lover, your family or your good friends, there's something for everyone.
Here's a selection of activities tested and approved by a Saturday skier!

Be careful! Even if you're not on the slopes, suncream is highly recommended when you're outdoors, because at 2300m altitude, the sun is very strong and the snow inevitably reflects its rays onto your beautiful skin.

Objective no. 1: relax!

In your day-to-day life, your well-being can sometimes be neglected, and a holiday in the mountains can help you relax and relieve the stress you've accumulated over the year. Massages, hammams, saunas, jacuzzis, heated swimming pools... Are you dreaming? You too can try out the resort's various wellness and beauty areas, and we promise you'll find what you're looking for.

The little trick: Save this activity for a day when the weather is rather gloomy, and you'll appreciate being cosy and pampered all the more.

At Val Thorens, we understand that you want to take advantage of your stay to recover from the stresses of everyday life. Perched in a cirque of mountains, at an altitude of 2300m, the setting is ideal for reconnecting with yourself, rebuilding your anti-stress barriers and savouring happiness. A few years ago, the resort launched the My Val Thorens Serenity initiative, with one aim in mind: to give you the keys to an invigorating mountain holiday in complete serenity.

Relaxing at the spa with friends

Objective No. 2: A change of scenery

The mountains in winter are great for walking. Who doesn't love feeling the snow crunch under their feet while admiring the sumptuous views? Just because you don't ski doesn't mean you can't enjoy the beautiful walks around Val Thorens.

We recommend the Montagnette trail, an easy, gentle path that can be walked as a family, as a couple, or even alone with your dog. Take your time wandering around, sitting on the little bench at the end of the path and admiring the view before returning to the bustling life of the resort (allow an average of 1h30 for the round trip).

If you're going at lunchtime, don't forget to take your picnic (and the dog's food) with you and make a little snowman.

Couple walking with a dog on a footpath

The little extra : This path faces due south, so it's always in the sun, and offers a beautiful view of the Vallée des Belleville and the Val Thorens resort.
But... This little moment of happiness has to be earned, so the path is not easy to find. Don't hesitate to ask our Val Thorens experts at the Tourist Office to show you how to get there on a map from your accommodation.

Objective no. 3: have fun!

Who said ski resorts were ONLY about skiing?

While some of you are enjoying the slopes, it's your turn to numerous activities on offer in the resort! Go-karting, tobogganing, paragliding, microlighting, dog sledding, swimming, snowshoeing, mountain biking on snow, yoga or zip-lining (and the list goes on) - there's no shortage of alternatives!

And just because you don't ski doesn't mean you can't experience the thrill of gliding through the snow. Thanks to the Cosmojet toboggan run, there's a 45-minute ride waiting for you, and frankly, you're going to love it. We guarantee you'll be thrilled, laugh out loud and have a great time. Like the rest of us, you'll want to do it again.

The right plan : Try a night descent with your headlamp screwed onto your helmet, and you'll see the mountain in a whole new light...

Family fun

Objective no. 4: Relax in the sun

And what better way to recuperate from all these activities than on a sunny terrace? You can be sure that on a sunny day, you'll find all the locals in Val Tho at the table or lounging on deckchairs at lunchtime or after work. And to think you get to do that all day long! For a more festive and international atmosphere, prefer the upper part of the resort, which is the meeting place for skiers and therefore more lively after skiing. If you're looking for a calm, relaxing atmosphere, choose the centre of the resort.

Gourmet moment on the terrace

By the way, just because you don't ski doesn't mean you can't enjoy the terraces of the mountain restaurants! As a pedestrian, it's perfectly possible to take certain ski lifts, such as those that take you up to one of our favourite panoramas: the summit of the cime Caron at 3200m, with its 360° view of over 1000 Alpine peaks, and the icing on the cake, the Italian side of Mont Blanc.

Oh yes, I forgot, always remember the sun cream... 😉

Objective 5: Discover local specialities

No skiing means free time! You'll have plenty of time to wander around the shops in the Val Thorens shopping arcades and discover some typically Savoyard products! I recommend stopping off at one of the many mountain speciality shops in the resort: the experts will be able to advise you on their regional products, and explain to you with passion how the traditional Savoy tomme cheese is made, or give you professional tips on how to make a delicious homemade 100 % fondue.


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