The holidays are under way, and in a few hours you'll be on the slopes! But before that, you'll need to transfer between your different types of transport.
Have you got a few hours to wait at the station? In the airport hall? How do you keep toddlers and future champions waiting?

Tip 1: Destination game

There's nothing like a bit of geography to liven things up! Are you close to the notice boards, in possession of a timetable leaflet for departures and arrivals, or close to the audible announcements? You have three options:

  • Use the letters of the destinations to play a simple game! Which destinations have the most letters A? Etc...
  • Quote a monument or a story by destination displayed! A bit of culture!
  • What if your toddler could locate the destinations displayed on a map?

Tip no. 2: The traditional shopping trip

There's nothing like stretching your legs to pass the time. Why not take a tour of the local shops and boutiques? It could be the perfect opportunity to discover the local specialities.

Tip no. 3: In the suitcase there are...

"In my luggage, there's... a ski mask", says the first player, for example. The next player repeats what has already been said, then adds what he has also put in his suitcase: "In my luggage, there's... a ski mask and sun cream". The next player continues: "In my luggage are... a ski mask, sun cream and a book about turtles". And so on, until one player runs out.
It's also an interesting way of checking that nothing has been forgotten in the suitcases.

Tip no. 4: Remember the best moments

"What are the 5 best moments you've experienced since we left home?". A great way to get your toddler in a positive frame of mind before the rest of the climb.

Tip no. 5: Almost on the slopes!

Have you thought about printing out a piste map? Switch on your touch-screen tablet or your smartphone on the map of the ski area and off you go. The idea is to ask your child to give you the shortest route between two runs that you have defined. You can do variations "without going through the black runs" or "by going up to Caron".

Tip no. 6: Nothing beats a good colouring book... Made in Val Thorens

Just a few more hours to wait before your next train or shuttle to the resort. Do you know how to colour the Val Thorens resort map? Can you find the zip line?
The colouring book is on sale in Val Thorens, in the Tourist Office shop

If you have any other tips for keeping future champions busy, please let us know.

And don't're on holiday!


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