On the Tête Ronde piste, in the Caron cabin or even in the resort, it's now impossible to miss the GoPro, the little cameras proudly mounted on the top of helmets.

They allow you to immortalise the first turns of the youngest or the hesitant snowploughing of the brother discovering the joys of snow (even if he will have spent most of his time on his bottom rather than on his skis).

One thing's for sure: GoPro cameras are the perfect companions for a holiday on the snow. Shock-resistant and completely waterproof, even without protection on the latest models, you'll be hard pressed to find a more effective way to accompany you on your adventures in Val Thorens.

However, winter conditions in the mountains are not always very compatible with technology, and it is important to take a few precautions.

Freeride with GoPro

The cold:

The greatest enemy of electronic devices is the cold. Just like your mobile phone, the battery in a GoPro discharges more quickly if it is exposed to negative temperatures (and this is often the case in Val Thorens due to the high altitude of the resort and the ski area).

So it's a good idea to keep your GoPro warm when you're not using it - in a bag or inside a pocket, for example.

Avoid leaving it attached to your headphones or on its boom. If you don't need voice control or Wi-Fi, be sure to deactivate these options too, to save as much power as possible. Your battery will appreciate all these little gestures.

We also recommend using the new GoPro enduro batteries.

Battery Enduro GoPro

Make your GoPro settings beforehand:

The wind and cold make camera handling difficult at times. Once you're at the top of Grand Fond it's so much nicer not to have to worry about your camera settings and just press the record button and hurtle down the Niverolle piste. Remember to set the resolution, FPS and Field of View in a sheltered area, in a gondola or at home before you put on your boots. And make sure your camera is attached to its bracket or pole.

One last recommendation: remember to activate the 'beep' sound on your GoPro so that you know it has started recording when you press the red button. This will save you from the traditional question: "Have you started recording?Is it recording? Is the red light on?"

Keep your goal clean:

If you've never thrown snow at your colleagues during a forced ski stop, throw me the first snowball. After meticulously removing the snow that has infiltrated your neck, it's important to check that the lens of your GoPro isn't also covered in snow, because even if you love snow, you don't want it to be in the foreground of all your videos.

Freeride with GoPro Max

The difference between hot and cold weather that you may encounter on a day out in Val Thorens can cause the lens to fog up. And more generally, snow splashes, falling snow or water can also hamper visibility! So, as with your mask, make sure your GoPro's lens is clean by always having a small cloth in your pocket!

Now you're ready to get the most out of your GoPro, the important thing is to make the video that suits you and that you like, thanks to this advice.

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