Whether you're skiing in the sun or in the fog, a ski mask is the essential accessory for protecting your eyes and improving your vision!

This article will help you choose the ski mask that's right for you.

Adapting to the weather and ambient light

All ski masks sold in France offer 100 % protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, they do not all let light through in the same way, and are classified into 3 categories corresponding to the level of protection required depending on the weather conditions:

  • S1 screen Cloudy / overcast, bad weather
  • S2 screen : Mixed weather
  • S3 screen : Nice weather

On foggy or "white day" days, I recommend a yellow or pink screen to accentuate the contrast. In bright conditions (glacier, end of season...), a dark screen is better for protection.

For greater versatility, some masks have so-called "photochromic screens" that can be tinted according to the intensity of the sun. There are also interchangeable screens that can adapt to changing weather conditions. And don't forget the anti-fog aspect, which is essential if you don't want to spend all your time wiping your screen and still have optimum visibility on the slopes.


Having a ski mask that protects you is great, but a comfortable mask is even better! To achieve this, you need to look at a number of points:

  • Foam : opt for double or triple density foam that moulds to the shape of your face
  • The shape of the mask : The mask should fit your face and not be too tight around the nose. I also advise you to test your mask with your helmet when you buy it. There should be no gap between your helmet and the top of the mask.
  • Single or dual screen : To avoid fogging, I recommend a dual-screen mask. The air pocket between the two screens prevents fogging.
  • Air vents : They're essential for preventing fogging and keeping your face out of sight.
  • Frame : Preferably soft enough to fit your face. Tip: if you wear glasses, there are frames designed to be worn over them. Known as OTG (Over The Glasses), these masks are wider and deeper than the others.
  • Strap : It can be adjusted to your head size, but I prefer wide straps with anti-slip pads.

See you soon for a new series of tips, until then, good luck! shopping !


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