That's it, it's time to swap the a ski mask against the diving mask, and warm clothing against the swimsuit. It is with a little tear in your eye that you prepare to store your skis in the garage, before the start of next season at Val Thorens, in the month of November. And how we understand you! However, before storing your skis for the summer, a few precautions should be taken to make sure you have equipment ready for the first slopes!

How to properly store your ski clothes?

The end of the season is the ideal time to take care of your ski clothes before storing them for the summer! In order to make them clean and waterproof, there are a few useful little tips:

  • Always follow the recommendations on your clothing label.
  • Close the zips and velcro, don't forget the ventilation under the arms and between the thighs!
  • Do not use fabric softener or fabric softener or washing powder when washing.
  • There are detergents specially designed for waterproof clothing. They deeply clean dirt, while reactivating the water-repellent functions of fabrics! Magic ! 😉
  • You can maintain the sensitive points of your clothes as you use them using re-waterproofing sprays: seams, shoulders, sleeves, etc.
  • If your jacket (or pants, mittens, etc.) is no longer waterproof at all, you can choose to completely re-waterproof it using this same type of spray.
  • Re-waterproofing is always more effective if the garment is clean! Remember to wash it properly.
  • GoreTex clothing can also be machine washed following the information provided by the manufacturer.
  • Unless indicated by the manufacturer, avoid tumble drying!
  • Dry washing is not recommended: the solvents used could degrade the water-repellent properties of the fabric.
  • If you're washing a down jacket, add two clean tennis balls to your machine to help the down stay airy and fluffy.
  • Drying tip: lay your garment flat between two towels, turning regularly. This can take several days, but prevents the garment from becoming deformed due to the weight of the waterlogged fibers!

Ski clothing takes longer to dry, and a re-waterproofing treatment often requires waiting a few days before using the garment again. The end of the season is therefore the ideal time to take care of your outfit in order to store it clean and ready to use from the first snow!

Precautions before putting your ski boots in the closet (for summer)

Once your last day on the slopes is over, remove the liners from the shell to dry separately. Leave them 24 to 48 hours outside so that they are completely dry, then reinsert the liner into the shell. To prevent the latter from deforming during the summer season, close the brackets of your shoes to the first notch, ensuring that no tongue is bent. Store them if possible in a cover, or in the original box, and store them in a safe place temperate et finish.

This is also a good time to check that your soles are in good condition (not too worn, etc.), and that the shell does not have any cracks. If necessary, contact a specialist store for repairs.

How to adjust your skis

Maintain your skis properly before storing them for the summer

A central element of the skier's equipment, it is also the one that will require the most maintenance. This part, often neglected, nevertheless allows equipment to be kept in good condition for longer.

To store your skis and be sure to find them in perfect condition at the start of the next season, follow the following advice:

Sole repairs

Check the condition of the sole: if it is damaged, you must repair it so that the core does not end up being damaged by humidity. For that, nothing could be simpler, read our tips for maintaining your skis and know the steps to get the sole of your skis back to like new!

Ski waxing for optimal storage

This step will serve to nourish the sole of your skis, and therefore keep it in good condition for longer. Carry out regular waxing as described in this article, but in the end, don't scrape your sole. Leave the wax layer in place to protect and nourish your sole during storage. This end-of-season waxing is essential to ensure the longevity of your skis.

Waxing a ski
Waxing a ski


The base of your skis is repaired and waxed. Before they return to their summer quarters (i.e. the cupboard, the garage, the attic, etc.), loosen the fasteners. The spring must not remain compressed to maintain its effectiveness. Of course, don't forget to tighten your bindings to the correct weight before the first descent!

How to adjust your skis

Low Tech hiking bindings also require special storage, refer to the manufacturer's instructions 😉

And if you don't feel like doing all this at home, go to a specialized store, where for a few dozen euros, an expert skiman will do the complete maintenance for you.

Last tip for storing skis, keep them in a dry place, if possible protected from light and dust. The ideal is to store them in a cover, but be careful, only once they are completely dry, otherwise the edges risk rusting.

The skis have barely gone into summer hibernation, we can't wait to see you on the slopes of Val Thorens next winter! Enjoy the summer season, whether at the beach or in the mountains, during this time we are preparing another magnificent season for you in your favorite resort!


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