GoPro is an excellent camera that meets everyone's needs. Whether you're looking for a camera to capture your holiday with friends in the sunshine of Val Thorens or an action cam to film your next off-piste run, the GoPro will prove indispensable on both counts.

The ease with which GoPro cameras can be used, even for beginners, is an undeniable advantage, and it's easy to capture some very beautiful images. Nevertheless, they remain at the cutting edge of technology and have settings that, once mastered, add another dimension to your videos. Here's a quick look at some of the technical terms you may come across when using your GoPro camera.

The resolution

This is the size of the image, the number of pixels that make it up. The higher the resolution, the more pixels the image contains, and therefore the higher the image quality. On the GoPro Hero 7 Black there are 7 different resolutions; 4k, 4k 4:3, 2.7k, 2.7k 4:3, 1440, 1080 and 720. Please note: higher resolution means much larger files, which means less space on your SD card (memory card) and a computer powerful enough to read 4k files.

IPS (Images Per Second)

This is the number of frames that make up one second of video. The higher the number, the smoother the animation. It's not necessary to have a high IPS number in most cases, unless you want to do big slow-motion shots. Hero 7 Black offers 5 different IPS settings; 240, 120, 60, 30 and 24. Beware, however, that high IPS are not available in all resolutions and are more difficult to read on less powerful computers. It is common to come across the term FPS, which refers to the same thing but in the language of Shakespeare: Frame Per Second.

The CDV (Field Of Vision)

This is the Field Of View with which the GoPro will film and capture images. A lens, just like the human eye, has an angle from which it sees things. The Hero 7 Black has three Field Of View available: Linear, Large and Superview. Linear is a tighter angle than Wide, which is tighter than Superview. In Superview, the peripheral view is more important but it gives the image a "fish eye" effect that distorts it slightly.


These are the GoPro's advanced settings, which give you even greater control over your image. We'll be covering them in more detail in a forthcoming article 😉 They should be made before you start filming.

Time-lapse video on GoPro

This mode makes it easy to create what is more commonly known as a timelapse which is being released directly on video. The timelapses are very aesthetic and you'll enjoy watching them and sharing them on social networks.


Time-lapse photo on GoPro

This mode can also be used to make a timelapse, but the GoPro does not compile the images on its own to make a video. Instead, all the photos taken will be available on the SD card and will have to be compiled using editing software. This method gives you more control over your timelapse (calibration, frame rate, etc.) but is more time-consuming and complex.

GoPro photo burst

The gust allows you to take a series of photos over a given period of time. The frequency determines the number of photos taken during this period. This setting is available in photo mode and when burst mode is selected (submenu when selecting modes). The nomenclature is simple: the first number designates the number of photos taken during the given period of time. The second number corresponds to the time lapse. To summarise 30/6 means that once the release button is activated the GoPro will take 30 photos in 6 seconds10/3 10 photos in 3 seconds. 5/1 5 photos in one second. With this mode, it can be useful to have a GoPro stabiliser, which will enable you to take sharper, more stable images.


This is the GoPro application that automatically edits your videos by selecting what you've filmed. It's available on iOS and Android, and you'll need to connect the app to your GoPro.

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