Mother of two children, I decided to share my experience of taking your child to ski school or on the slopes SERENELY à Val Thorens ! Especially when your child is still small (3-5 years old).

And yes, the journey from your accommodation to the ski school meeting can sometimes take on the appearance of a real scene of family debacle and could make us regret taking our dear little ones skiing!

So how can we transform this tricky journey into a fun moment?

How to take your child skiing

Ask about :

  • Do not hesitate to call the destination experts at the Tourist Office on 04 79 00 08 08;
  • To ask at the reception of your residence, your hotel or the agency;
  • Or call the secretariat of the ski school where you booked your lessons.

When I travel I always ask local people for information or tips. Let's never forget that the person living and/or working there will most of the time provide good advice.

The experience of “locals” is precious! This has allowed me on many occasions to more easily understand places that were unknown to me and thus feel more serene and discover the destination differently. 

Know where you are going:

Check the distance between your accommodation and the meeting point for the ski lesson, get ahead, especially on the first day.

Here is a map with the meeting points of the different ski schools present at Val Thorens :

Ski lesson departure plan

How to get there …

  • On skis:

Val Thorens is the ski-in/ski-out resort par excellence. Why not go there directly by ski? Remember to warm up! I really recommend it if your children know how to ski alone or if you put them between your legs... But be careful, you need to be a good skier, this exercise can quickly turn out to be tricky if you don't master your spatulas 😉

Check that the route is direct via the slopes. If your child is a beginner and you too, I do not recommend this option!

Avoid carrying your child in your arms, in the event of a fall... it can be dramatic. Skiing with weight in the arms changes the point of gravity and an edge fault can be fatal.

  • By bus:

Yes, Val Thorens offers a free shuttle service! Locate the bus stop closest to your accommodation (by going to pick up your fondue the night before for example) and the bus route (for information from the top to the bottom of the station 20 minutes ago). The bus makes two loops, the first from Place des Arolles towards the top of the station passing through the center, Place Péclet, Rue de la Boucle, Balconies district, then returning to Place des Arolles and in a second time makes the bottom loop.

Be careful, in the morning between 8:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. the shuttle can be crowded so all the more reason to organize yourself beforehand, get a little head start and not forget anything inside.

  • On foot :

You have less than 5-10 minutes to walk, that's perfect, but... just one piece of advice, don't make your child walk in ski boots.

Take a bag with your child's ski boots in it and put it in it when you arrive at the meeting point. Frankly, given the size of our children's legs, it's a bit like having two twigs with two anvils at the end! Have you ever seen a prima ballerina doing her ballet in ski pumps? Weight/power ratio your children will arrive at ski lessons already having sore thighs.

Little tip, the back ski holder! Not very expensive and frees up your hands and those of your children! Between €10 and €30 depending on the level of technicality. Homemade Made in Val Thorens ! I haven't tested it yet but, I promise, I'll get to it!

  • In sledding:
Friendly family time

My favorite solution in case of fresh snow in the streets (especially with a young child.). The sled must be large enough to accommodate your child and their equipment (and yes, supporters of the least effort, hello)! I take my son to nursery whenever I can this way, he loves looking at the choughs, snowflies and other birds here! It’s a real fun time for everyone.

Please note, the goal is not to have a sledging competition on the road. Be vigilant when traveling.

My ski list:

  • Helmet ;
  • Thin hat to put under the helmet;
  • Mask (I prefer the mask to glasses because it fits perfectly with a helmet) put it above the helmet and not below (seen again this morning);
  • Collar size ;
  • Gloves with elastic to put on your child's wrists thus avoiding accidental loss (or otherwise the good old cord);
  • Ski socks;
  • Heaters if your child gets cold quickly and depending on the temperature outside;
  • Small snack in the pockets, easy and quick to swallow;
  • Pack of tissues;
  • Solar cream ;
  • Go to the toilet before leaving! Because we're not at the beach and when you have to take everything off and put everything back on… the bus has already left!
C. Ducruet
Taking your child to ski lessons

Last advice, if you're not a morning person, skip classes IN THE MORNING, it's a chance to get stressed and lose the benefits of a vacation in the mountains, always being late and putting pressure on yourself for nothing

. Plus, it's often less cold in the afternoon.

You now know everything and will never have to tell your child again “stop crying, we're going to be late for ski lessons”.


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