Just imagine. It's Friday evening and tomorrow is your last day at Val Thorens. But here you are, you promised to bring back a souvenir for your mother / sister / uncle / grandmother / colleague / boss (delete the unnecessary) of your stay at Val Thorens.

The apartment is in an uproar, everyone is involved in finding a superb souvenir. A photo taken with your phone from the balcony? A wooden spoon “from the mountains” borrowed from the apartment? A little snow Val Thorens in the cooler? STOP! You're in luck, we have selected for you the best souvenirs to bring back from Val Thorens (and what’s more, the stores here are generally open 7 days a week!)

C. Ducruet
Snow Ball Val Thorens

The snow globe: 
THE best-selling gift in souvenir shops (true!)
Some will say that this gift is outdated and out of its time but if you have an uncle chionospherophile then this gift will be perfect! Here is a selection of the most beautiful snow globes found in Val Thorens.

The T-shirt Val Thorens :
Ideal for asserting your belonging to the Val Thorinoise community. With these t-shirts, expect to meet friends or colleagues who will definitely ask you “I love Val Thorens, what’s your favorite track?” or “You have already been to the top of the Summit
Because we ?"

C. Ducruet
T shirt Val Thorens

Food : Of course, these are (more or less) ephemeral gifts but they are a superb gift idea! Like Asterix and his tour of Gaul, follow us on a tour of the best local products of Val Thorens !

- Cheese : beaufort, reblochon, tomme, abundance. All these cheeses are an integral part of the Savoyard heritage (and Haut-Savoyard, let's not be chauvinistic!).

– Crozets: you don’t know Crozets? These small square pastas born in Savoie can be accompanied by Diots, Reblochon…  

Sausages: As for sausages, there is something for everyone. Walnuts (our favorite), blueberries, Beaufort, herbs or the most classic plain will delight gourmets!

The Whistling Marmot: this soft toy has become a classic in souvenir shops. Ideal gift to decorate the entrance to your Grandmother's house (or the little one's bedroom)!

The electric snow groomer: Unfortunately big snow groomers are reserved for professionals. But believe us, if you have always dreamed of being at the controls of these superb machines, a small remote-controlled snow groomer will allow you to fill this gap!*

*Tip: as an adult it is sometimes difficult to assume the purchase of the snow groomer for yourself. So don't hesitate to show this toy in the window to your children and make anyone who will listen believe that the toy is for them! 🙂

Tip 2: to personalize your snow groomer, you can go to the tourist office to collect stickers!


The genepi: digestive par excellence for a good end to a meal Val Thorens, the génpi will enhance your end of meal once you get home**.

**Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

The Mug Val Thorens : perfect to shine in a meeting, the mug allows you to proudly display your love for Val Thorens (and/or to remind your boss that he must validate your leave for the next ski trip!)

C. Ducruet
Snow Ball Val Thorens


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