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The origins of Cani Randonnée

Practised by nomadic tribes in the far north during the summer months, it developed in Sweden and then in France as a leisure activity.

It's both an alternative to sledging when there's a shortage of snow, and a way of keeping dogs fit and active all year round.

The principle

This is a hike in which the hiker is assisted by a dog. A shock-absorbing lanyard links the dog and the hiker. The hiker is fitted with a padded belt or harness to cushion any jolts. Everything is done by voice and the walker never pulls on the tether. "Oh", "slow", "right", "left"... these commands guide the dog during the ride.

The benefits

They are the same as those for hiking, but the climb is made easier by the animal. Children learn patience and respect for the dog. This activity is strongly recommended for adults and children with hyperactive tendencies. The animal helps to soothe and refocus the mind.

There will be a photo opportunity during the activity. The outing ends with a time for sharing participants' feelings and a final moment of tenderness with the dogs.

Information on cani trekking

  • As the activity takes place in a mountain environment on marked trails, participants are required to wear warm, appropriate clothing and to be properly shod.
  • Minimum age: 7 years
  • Duration: 1h30


  • Adults: €45 (aged 13 and over)
  • Children: €35


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