Dare to dream, go fly! Discover the ski area of Val Thorens and the Belleville Valley seen from the sky by paramotor!

A paramotor is a paraglider equipped with a propeller engine that allows you to manage your altitude and stay in the air as long as you want at a speed of around 35 km/h. It guarantees you a long, stable and comfortable flight.

For 20 to 30 minutes, the sky is yours, pilot Timothy Green adapts to everyone's taste: valley ride, panoramic flight or acrobatic flight.

Following the weather situation, you can even fly over the peaks and glaciers of Val Thorens and admire an extraordinary panorama as far as the eye can see, ranging from the Maurienne, Tarentaise and Vanoise massifs to the Mont Blanc and Ecrins massifs.

To book your flight, simply contact the office between three days and the day before the desired date.Ski Cool ski and snowboard school. We will thus have good visibility of the weather to guarantee you a great flight!


  • Accessible to beginner skiers
  • From 5 years
  • Maximum weight 110kg


All flights last 30 minutes.

  • Panoramic flight: €170
  • Panoramic flight and souvenir video: €190
  • Acrobatic flight: €190
  • Acrobatic flight and souvenir video: €210

Snow Trike

  • You will be seated comfortably to admire the view
  • Accessible to all: pedestrians, snowboarders, skiers, disabled passengers
  • From 5 years
  • Maximum weight 100kg
  • Price: €170 per flight lasting 30 minutes

To know

  • Flights operate daily from 9:30 a.m. to 15:45 p.m. from December to April
  • Meeting place: at the altiport with your snow equipment (ski or snowboard). Access is via the La Moutière chairlift, at the top on the right.

Consider bringing:

  • Your skis or snowboard for paramotor flights
  • Gloves and warm clothing
  • Helmet (can possibly be loaned by the Ski Cool school)
  • Pedestrian pass or ski pass (obligatory to arrive at the altiport via the Moutière chairlift)

Who is Tim Green?

A 28-year-old two-seater paramotor pilot, Tim Green has experience as a professional pilot of more than 10 years.

At 16, he obtained a private pilot's license, then he got involved in paragliding and progressed very quickly in the field of acrobatic paragliding. He then moved to Chamonix where he began competing at a high level, placing 11rd  at the World Aerobatic Championship (international aerobatic competition) in 2006 and first in 2009 at the Swiss championships as well as in 2010 at the Chamonix Flight and Ski competition.

He then set up his company Cloudbase Productions, where he mainly devotes himself to making films and photographs with aerial shots captured aboard his two-seater paramotor.


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