A first in the ski area of Val Thorens – Orella

A gliding flight of 1300 meters, 1min45 of pure pleasure in a breathtaking panorama, from the highest point of the 3 Valleys at 3230 m, to the top of the Bouchet chairlift on the Orelle area, to connect the ridge of Val Thorens, at 3000 m, at the top of the Funitel de Thorens.

This zip line of a new type in Savoie allows you to embrace the panoramas of the Maurienne and Tarentaise valleys in complete safety.

The ski lift companies of Orelle and Val Thorens dared the challenge of inventing a new Maurienne-Tarentaise connection by air by imitating the flight of the eagle.

From Orelle to Val Thorens, suspended from a steel rope, well installed in a fabric cocoon which will take you over the 100 km/h mark, you will experience the emotion of a large raptor hovering above infinite spaces.

The ground moves away, you are between sky and earth for a journey where emotion, well-being and astonishment combine. An exclusive flight, the highest mega-zip line in the world, a crossing of one of the most beautiful glacial sites in Savoie, in almost absolute silence.

Access reserved for skiers via the Bouchet chairlift, in the Orelle area.

Zip line from Orelle to Val Thorens
  • Length: 1300m
  • Departure altitude: 3230m
  • Arrival altitude: 3000m
  • Max hover: 250m
  • Speed: from 65 to 105 km/h
  • Age: from 8 to 88 years old
  • Minimum / maximum passenger weight: 40kg / 120kg
  • Price: € 56, ticket office on site, limited number of places.

“La Tyrolienne” is subject to weather conditions.

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First impressions

As I launched into the void, my heart was beating at 200 miles an hour. And then it was pure happiness, 2 minutes of pure ecstasy where I saw the mountain like never before. We hover above the reliefs, we feel free in nature without having the impression of disturbing.

It's great because there's no real feeling of vertigo even though you're almost 300 meters above the ground! I recommend it to everyone without hesitation, even if the start is a little impressive…

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