A flight to the heart of the 3 Valleys!

After having explored the slopes, gain height and discover the mountain differently: from the air! Thanks to winter paragliding. You will need to put on your skis before an instructor equips you. Once attached to the sail and the instructor by a harness, all you have to do is head straight down the slope. The experienced paraglider who accompanies you will take care of the rest for this original baptism.

Beneath your feet, the Belleville Valley, facing Mont Blanc, reveals itself. You will be supervised by state-certified instructors.

Departure at 3 m altitude for 000 meters of elevation gain. Flights adapted to your desires, from contemplative flights to sensational flights.

Ready to take off? Emotions and unforgettable memories guaranteed! You will even be entitled to figures which will offer you unique sensations. You will also brush the snow with the tips of your spatulas before taking off into the air again.

Professional pilots offer this activity every day depending on weather conditions.

  • Ski level required: know how to go down a blue slope
  • Equipment: ski equipment and gloves
  • Age: From 8 years old

You dream of a more complete overview of the summits and the panorama around Val Thorens ? Take to the air paramotor discovering the Maurienne, Tarentaise, Mont Blanc and Ecrins massifs.

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