Fishing in the valley

You have access to numerous fishing spots in the valley: the Doron with 100 km of banks to catch trout, the 12 natural lakes where you can meet Dame Fario or Omble Chevalier and the 3 private lakes with Arc en Ciel trout.

Opening and closing times for fishing in the valley

Table of fishing openings

Fishing pass prices

Private lakes : plan d'eau des Bruyères, Lac de Thorens, Lac de Tête Ronde

  • Day fishing pass: €14
  • 3-day fishing pass: €36

Public lake and Doron :

  • Savoie day pass: €15
  • Savoie weekly pass: €34

Where can I buy a fishing licence?

Table of service providers for the purchase of fishing cards

Fishing courses

Discover the Belleville Valley on a fishing trip accompanied by an instructor-guide.

Jean-Christophe can offer you a range of different packages in the midst of a natural environment boasting 12 high altitude lakes.

Equipment and bait supplied.

  • From 11/03 to 08/10
  • From age 9 (must be able to swim)
  • Every day
  • 1 adult day: €200 (children invited)


06 31 32 52 30

Fishing equipment

Sale of small fishing tackle and bait:

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