Become an expert with your GoPro!

That's it, you're ready to hit the slopes and you want to memorize your exploits? Here are some tips that will allow you to produce 5-star content with a GoPro:

Trick N° 1

Go with an intention! Imagine what you want to capture, have a clear idea of ​​what you want before you leave. You will have already done half the work!

N° 2

Try new angles, change your location fixations, experiment! The more varied your shots, the more likely you are to produce original and immersive content.

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GoPro Ski Helmet Accessory

N° 3

Freeride photo taken with a GoPro HERO 11

Wear colorful clothing that contrasts with the environment you are in.

N° 4

Prefer times of day when the sun is low to avoid harsh light and shadows. In other words, the morning or the end of the day are the best times.

N° 5

Backflip photo taken with a GoPro HERO 10

Tell a story, try to arouse emotions. To do this, present the context in which you find yourself, the people, the environment, etc. It’s your story that you’re capturing.

N° 6

Want to keep your hands free in the action? Control your GoPro with your voice! Select your language in the settings and say the following sentences:

  • GoPro Record Video
  • GoPro Stop Video
  • GoPro Take photo
  • GoPro Take Burst
  • GoPro Start Time Lapse
  • GoPro Stop Time Lapse
  • GoPro Video Mode
  • GoPro Photo Mode
  • GoPro Time Lapse Mode
  • GoPro Burst Mode
  • GoPro Turn off

No. 7

Remember to wipe the lens of your GoPro with a tissue before taking your shots, a little snow could hide your beautiful smile :-).

Freeride with GoPro Max

N° 8

To edit, use the GoPro Quick application: it automatically spots your best actions and edits them for you!

And now, it's your turn !

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