Our GoPro HERO12 Black and their accessories are our most faithful allies throughout the season!

Whether it's to film an arrival of powder, do a night timelapse, take you with us on the slopes, behind the scenes of an event or even make you experience an activity as if you were there, they are always with us!

So here, without further ado, is a selection of our 5 favorite GoPro accessories.

Young couple walking around the resort with a GoPro
L. Brochot


The 3-Way 2.0

It is one of the most versatile accessories in the entire GoPro range because it can be used as a pole, an articulated arm but also as a tripod.

As a bonus, the 3-Way 2.0, unlike the 3-Way 1.0, allows you to add the mouth attachment and thus have 3 out of 4 perspectives for an even more complete setup!

You will have understood, the 3-Way 2.0 is for us the essential accessory that accompanies us on all our outings!

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Go Pro helmet attachment accessories
L. Brochot


Adhesive fixings (helmet attachment)

Adhesive mounts are one of the most common GoPro accessories among skiers and snowboarders. They also accompany all our ski helmets!

They are particularly interesting in terms of perspectives, with shots that can be different depending on whether you turn your head, whether you raise it, etc.

This is therefore another essential GoPro accessory for skiing, but not only that!

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GoPro attachment accessory for ski poles
L. Brochot


The tube attachment (stick attachment)

At GoPro, there are 2 types of tube mount: a small mount for handlebars, seat post and tube and a large mount for poles, pipes and more.

À Val Thorens, we particularly appreciate the small binding that we place on our ski poles.

This binding allows you to film yourself going down the slopes, but can also be used as a pole to follow a skier or take a selfie with friends on the slopes!

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Battery Enduro GoPro
L. Brochot


The enduro rechargeable battery

This new battery features technology that significantly improves GoPro performance in cold weather. It is an ideal battery for winter sports and therefore one of our favorite accessories this season. Val Thorens !

She notably revolutionized our nighttime timelapses by braving the Valthorin cold.

Because the slopes don't wait, is fast charging a real plus for us?

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Snowtubing activity in Val Thorens
L. Brochot


The chesty

You've probably already seen it in our photos and videos! This winter, we used it in particular for sledding Cosmojet and to embark with us in our new activity: the snowtubing.

The chesty is perfect for taking immersive images while having your hands free and enjoying a descent on skis, snowboards, tobogganing, tubing... the choice is yours!

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As a bonus

Because we are nice and, let's admit it, had a little difficulty choosing 5 accessories, we also wanted to tell you about the double battery charger which allows you to charge 2 batteries at the same time in order to get back to the ski area again. by Val Tho 🙂

With the dual charger + the enduro battery, we have the perfect combo to make sure you always have a charged battery on hand!

Not equipped yet?

We'll lend you the latest GoPro for a day Val Thorens ! To do this, you just need to register for free at the Club Val Thorens and come see us at the Club House Place Caron 😉


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